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Announcing Mutiny’s integration with 6sense

We’re excited to announce our newest integration partner, 6sense. With 6sense and Mutiny, joint customers can now serve highly personalized website experiences to target accounts, resulting in more conversions and higher ROI.

When accounts visit your website, 6sense provides Mutiny with rich company-level data including firmographics, buying stage predictions, and 6sense segments.

6sense customers can now use Mutiny to deliver personalized website experiences, without any engineering work. Here’s a few examples of what you can do with 6sense and Mutiny:

  • Have separate self-serve and enterprise buying motions? Show small companies the “free trial” CTA and big companies the “contact sales” CTA.
  • Have vertical-specific solutions? Display relevant logos when someone from a particular industry is checking out your site.
  • Someone is in the consideration stage and showing intent for a competitor? Show them bottom-of-funnel assets like competitive battlecards and one-pagers.


Mutiny's integration with 6sense has expanded our identified visitors by 40% and lets us personalize in real time, from a visitor's first page view.   Erin O’Neil, Qualtrics


The 6sense web team has been among the first to use this new integration, and they’ve seen amazing results. Grace Kleveland Kupczak, Digital Marketing Strategist at 6sense, was able to quickly and singlehandedly launch dozens of experiences that resulted in a 123% conversion rate uplift. Read the full story here.

6sense personalized for manufacturing and increased conversion rates by 5x
“It’s been amazing to partner with Mutiny to complete our end-to-end programmatic ABM campaigns. We were never able to offer up different versions of our website based on insights and intent we already know from 6sense, and now we can improve customer experience, maintain brand consistency and increase pipeline drastically, and scalably.”
— Grace Kleveland Kupczak, 6sense


To learn more about 6sense and Mutiny, request a demo. We’ll even create an ROI report for your website and show you the best playbooks for increasing conversion.

Ryan Narod

Join 7,500+ Marketers

Every week, get insights to become
better at growth (or life).